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Website questions


How do I protect my website's information from being searchable or viewable to everyone?
You may password protect your site, so only people who know the password can enter your site and see the information posted there. If you password protect your site before entering information on the website, then search engines will not be able to make the information on the site available for searches.

You can password protect the site by going to the My Content tab on your Control Panel and clicking "Password Protect" on the blue bar, underneath. On this page you can check the box for Entire Site to enter a password required to view any information on the site or you can check individual pages to add passwords required for those specific pages. Once you have checked the options and entered a password, be sure to click Submit at the bottom of the page to save the password. For a detailed walkthrough with screenshots, click here.
Do I need a password hint?
No. When you are adding passwords you may leave the Password Hint box empty and click Submit to save only the password. The password hint is an option to either help remind you of the password when viewing the site, or to help visitors get the password to the site that are part of your event and should have access. For example, the hint could be "Business Motto".
Why does my site no longer require a password?
You may have previously entered the password on the site, or the password has been turned off.

If you have entered a password for a page or site and return there, the site will not request you to enter the password again until your session is closed. Your session may only close when you close all your browsers and not return to the site for an hour or restart your computer.

You can confirm if a password is still in place or properly setup by checking the My Content tab on your Control Panel and clicking "Password Protect" on the blue bar underneath. Here, you will see if a password is set up for the site or a page.
How do I get my site removed from Google searches?
Follow the steps below:
1. In your Control Panel on My Content, go to your first page, or welcome page and under Edit Features, click Meta Tags. If you do not see this option, click Main Page Options and then click the link on this page for Meta Tags.
2. Paste the entire text below exactly into your Description box on the Meta Tag Page and click Submit.

3. Go to Google.
4. Login using a GMail account. If you do not have an account, use the link below the login to create a new account.
5. If you're not immediately taken to the 'Create a new request' page, click New Removal Request.
6. Type the URL of your webpage that you want removed and click Continue.
7. Click Webmaster has already blocked the page.
8. Select the checkbox to confirm the requirements listed in this article have been completed, and then click Submit Request.

As this process is completed by Google, we cannot advise on the amount of time it takes for the site to be removed.

We also advise, as an additional step, you may add a password to your site to prevent people accessing your site information. Please see the FAQ question for more information on setting up a site password.
Can several people have access to work on the website?
Yes. You can provide your user name and password to as many people as necessary so they can access and work on the website. There is no limit to how many people can work on the website at once, however it may cause confusion if more than one person is working on the same page at the same time.
How do I delete pages?
You can remove pages from appearing on your site by going through your Control Panel on My Content and clicking "Pages On/Off" on the blue bar, below. On this page you can uncheck pages you want off and click Submit on the bottom of the page to make the change. Information on the pages will not be deleted and you can turn the page back on through this page in the future.
How do I add pages?
You can add pages using either of two methods. In your Control Panel on My Content, if you scroll down past the pages listed on the left hand side, you will see a section labeled, Pages Turned Off. By clicking one of the faded page names, you will then be able to click the option "Turn this page on" in the middle area.

You can also turn pages on by going through your Control Panel on My Content and clicking "Pages On/Off" on the blue bar below. On this page you can check pages you want on and click Submit on the bottom of the page to make the change.

If you have turned on all of your pages and still require more, please contact us by phone or email and let us know how many pages you need, and according to your price package, we can add the pages for you.
How do I connect my site with Facebook?
The fastest way to make people aware of your site is by simply posting your site address on your Facebook wall. You can also add a link to your Facebook page to the website. For detailed instructions on creating links on our sites, click here.

You can also add Social Plugins, such as a Like button from your Facebook page and add it to the website. For more information on this, please refer to Facebook. For more information, including screenshots, on how to add the Facebook codes to your site, click here.
How do I activate or see my website?
As soon as you have selected a design after starting your free trial, the site becomes active and live. You do not have to do anything further to activate the site; however you can add a password to the site to prevent people from seeing the site while you work upon it.

To view your actual site, you can either open a browser window and enter your site address, or in your Control Panel, click the tab View Site to open it immediately.
What is the Site Map for?
The site map is an alternate means for people to navigate a website. It can also be used to help people place their site contents on to search engines, however it is no longer necessary to use the page or have it turned on so you can have your site appear on searches.
Why is the text on my site running off the page, or I am unable to modify the text the way I want?
When text is copied directly from websites, or other text editing programs such as Microsoft Word, additional code is copied with the text that tries to keep the format of the original text. Unfortunately, as this code is coming from a different program, it may not be understood by our site and will cause errors when pasted into our text boxes and submitted. You can see this code by clicking the Source feature above our text boxes.

If you use Microsoft Windows, to avoid these errors, we suggest either manually typing information into our text boxes and then using the text box features to modify the text, or you may copy the text from its source and paste it into Notepad. This program will remove the code and leave just straight text. You can then copy this text from Notepad and paste it into the text box. You can find Notepad by going to Start, All Programs, Accessories. If you use a Mac, you can use TextEdit or a similar plain text editor (not a word processor) in the same way as Notepad.

You can also modify text that has been pasted in with other code by clicking the Source button and removing the codes around the text you are trying to modify. This will cause the format of the text to change to plain text, however you will then be able to make correct changes to the text and modify it correctly using the text box features.


Do I have to use one of your templates for my site or can I upload my own?
Our site services include our own website editor that allows for many custom settings and a large selection of created templates. In order for the templates to work with the site editor, the templates must be created by us, so you must use the templates available on the site.

We can, however, further customize the template's design, such as changing the banner image or background. For more information please see our page on additional customization.
Can I edit my site using an HTML or FTP editor?
No. Our services include an easy to use website based site editor based on our specific templates. We do not offer a way to access the site's full HTML or allow upload and access via an FTP editor.
How do I change colors on my design, overall text colors, and text font?
To change the template base colors and fonts, in your Control Panel, click on the tab My Design, and then click on "Change Colors & Fonts", the link right below the tab. On this page you can modify the colors and fonts of your site's current template.
Are there any other templates to choose from?
Normally we have several different site types, and each site type lists specific templates, however, we are able to manually set any template to your site. We suggest looking at our list of templates on our business site which has the most options, to see if you prefer one of the templates there.

If you would like one of the other templates, please contact us with your site address, and the name of the template and the option (1-4 going down) of that template and we can make the change for you.
How do I change the text size on my site?
There are two ways to change text size using our Control Panel. If you wish to change the text size in general for the entire site, or the titles and menu options, click the tab My Design and then click on "Change Colors & Fonts" the link right below the tab.

You can also modify text individually in our text boxes by either changing the text size under the features of the text box and then typing or by typing text into the text box, highlighting it with the mouse and then using the text size control to modify the highlighted text.
How do I get a custom design?
If you are interested in customizing the design of your site's templates, such as changing the images in the banner (the top area that appears on every page), the background or the Flash intro, please email info@websiteworks.com with the information below:
Any images you want us to use
A description of any images you would like created for you
A detailed description of how you want the images placed
Your site address

Once we receive this we will have one of our graphic designers review the information and supply you with a quote for the work. If you accept the quote, you can then make payment and then we will begin work on updating the site.

Video / Music/ Images

How do I upload music to my site?
You can get detailed instructions including screenshots for uploading music that will play on your site here. Please be aware that the site only accepts MP3 format music files.

If you would like to upload music to your site that will not play and you wish to allow people to download the actual music file in the format of your choice, click here for detailed instructions and screenshots for uploading files.
What's an mp3 and where do I get it?
MP3 is a common digital format or file type of music. An MP3 form of a song can be ripped (created digitally by copying the information) from a music CD, downloaded through certain programs and websites or purchased online, or converted from other music file types.

If you have the music on CD that you wish to convert to MP3, you can get detailed instructions, including screenshots from our help document.

If you would like to download music from the internet, an easy method is to find the song on Youtube.com. Once you find a video with the appropriate song in good quality without additional sound added, you can click a link below the video that says Share. Then you will get a site address for the video that is highlighted. Copy this site address or URL and then go to the website listentoyoutube.com. Here you can paste in the site address of the YouTube video and follow the next few steps to download the song as an MP3.
Why isn't my mp3 uploading?
Our site will not allow upload of MP3 files that are larger than 10 MBs and will only allow a maximum of 20 MBs for the three songs you can upload. You can often use music players to re-save MP3s at smaller bit rates (128 kbps is average) which will help reduce the size of the music file.

Some MP3s, especially the ones from amazon.com are made using a non-standard frequency to make it more difficult to use with certain software like our music player. It is usually possible to convert these MP3 files to a standard frequency. You can call us for instructions or email us at info@myevent.com.
How do I put a video on my website?
The easiest way to upload video to your website is to post your video on YouTube and then copy and paste the "embed" link onto your website.

In order to do this, first create or login to your YouTube account. Once logged in, use the tools to upload the video file from your computer on to the site. (If you make the video private, you will not be able to embed the video on your site, however you can create a link to YouTube so people can login and watch the video there.) Once the video is uploaded, view the video and you will see there is a Share button below it. Click this and then you should see another button that says Embed. When you click this button you will see a box appear below that has a highlighted html code. Copy this code and then open your Control Panel for your website. Go to the page you want the video to appear on and then under Edit Features, click Text/Images. In the text box, you will see controls, including a Source button in the upper right. Click this and then paste in the code. When you click submit, you should be able to see the video posted on your website.

If you prefer, you may simple upload your video to your website as a linked file. Visitors to your site will then be able to save the video file directly to their computer, however if they do not have a video player capable of opening the video's file type, they will not be able to watch the video. For detailed instructions and screenshots of how to upload a file, click here.
How do I get more photos?
Each of our packages include a certain number of photo albums, total photos, and a set number of photos per album. You can view details on how many photos are included in the different packages by going to the Order tab in your Control Panel and clicking the link "View Packages Page". In order to get more photos than your current limit, you can upgrade your package on the Order tab by selecting upgrade to purchase the next highest package.
How come the music isn't starting automatically?
While some browsers such as Google Chrome allow music to play instantly, due to the security features of most other browsers, the music is blocked as a security feature and visitors are required to confirm they want the music to play before it will begin.

If you have already visited the site and heard the music, and then leave or turn the music off, you may return to the site and find the music will not play again. This is due to the browser saving your session information. In other words, the browser recognizes that you were previously at the site and already played the music so it does not load it again. If you close all your browser windows and then go back to the site, you can usually hear the music play again. Sometimes you may be required to restart your computer before your browser clears the session information.


How do I upload pictures side by side on a page?
The site's template will not allow you to upload pictures side by side on pages. You can only add additional pictures to pages vertically by adding them one by one to text/images on the same page, or by adding them to the photo album page.

You are able to add text along with the images in one text/image box and then using the options, move the image to left, right, top, or bottom of the text.

You also have the option of using an image editor program such as Paint.net to place two separate images side by side in one image and then upload this to the site.
Why isn't the visitor counter working?
The counter will only count new visitors to the site or previous visitors that return after their session is over. The counter will not count additional numbers if a person simply changes pages within the site. Once a visitor has gone to the site and been counted once, they will not be counted again until they have closed all browsers that have the site open, and do not return to the site for over an hour, when their session will have expired.
How do I create a form on which people can answer specific questions that I will receive on my site or by email?
One of the features we offer is called the Custom Form page. Here you can create a page that has questions you enter yourself and then a list of different response boxes, such as date fields, multiple choice answers, or simple text boxes. The information recorded by visitors who visit your site will be saved in your Control Panel and can also be set to email you when a new submission is made.

Please be aware that not all packages include the Custom Form page feature. To view the features that are available in each package, go through your Control Panel to the Order tab and click the link "View Packages Page".
Can I get different features combined on one page?
No. Unfortunately all specific features, such as custom forms, ticket sales, or RSVP are page-specific and can only be used on the page they are setup on. You can only change the page order of the features. To change the order of the pages, under your Control Panel and the My Content tab, click "Page Order" in the blue bar under the tabs.

General Questions

How do I know you're secure?
WebsiteWorks.com is scanned on a quarterly basis by Securitymetrics.com to verify that we meet the requirements of the PCI Data Security Standard. This is a credit card industry standard for security ensuring that companies meet strict standards for server security and for handling of credit card information. We encrypt all credit card information using Verisign Security certificates, as can be verified by clicking on the lock on the browser (In Internet Explorer, this is at the top of the browser, next to to the address bar) showing our secure certificate information from Verisign.
How do people get to my website?
You can provide the people you wish to visit your website with the website address or URL. You can send your site address to people via word of mouth, email, or by written documents. When they enter this into the address bar of their browser, they can access the site directly.

The site may not come up if you do a search for the address using a search engine such as Google, until your site has been up for a long time or until you have specifically registered your site with the search engine. For more details on registering with search engines including instructions and screenshots, click here.
How do I make my site live?
As soon as you have selected a design after starting your free trial, the site becomes active and live. You do not have to do anything further to activate the site; however you can add a password to the site to prevent people from seeing the site while you work upon it.

To view your actual site, you can either open a browser window and enter your site address, or in your Control Panel, click the tab View Site to open it immediately.
How do I reach a specific employee of WebsiteWorks.com?
You can contact customer support by email at info@websiteworks.com or by calling 1-877-769-3836 and pressing 1. Any of our team will be happy to assist you and if truly necessary, we can pass the email or the call to the appropriate person. If you know the extension of the person you are trying to reach, you can call the number above and enter the extension immediately to reach their line.
What are my user name and password?
You create your user name and password when you first set up a free trial and this information remains the same after you purchase the site.

If you have your user name but forgot your password, you can use the "Forgot your password? Click here" link shown under the login boxes to have your password emailed to you.

If you no longer remember your user name, but you have access to the email address you used when you created your free trial, send an email to info@websiteworks.com from the email address listed on your account, and request that your user name and password be sent to you.

If you no longer have access to the email address used on the account and cannot remember the user name or password, please contact us by phone at 1-877-769-3836 and we will attempt to assist you further.

Please be aware that for security reasons, customer support will require that you tell them your username and password if you request any private information or need us to make adjustments for you on your site.
Why is there a charge on my credit card from WebsiteWorks.com?
WebsiteWorks.com is a web hosting company that enables people to build websites for school and family reunions, fundraisers, to promote party events, or allow product sales for business sites. While people are charged for building the sites with us, the majority of charges are for event tickets, donations, and product sales processed on sites built by our clients. If you do not recall buying an event ticket, making a donation or purchase through any organization at the time of the charge or require specific information regarding a charge, please contact us by phone at 1-877-769-3836.
How do I use WebsiteWorks.com to create a website?
websiteworks.com uses our own easy web-based tools to help you build your own website. You do it all through your browser and no program download is necessary. We suggest simply starting the free trial from our site and follow the first few steps to immediately start building a site so you can see how it works. Once you are in our Control Panel, you can click the different options to see how they work.

For detailed instructions on the tools, including screenshots, click here for our Help Center.


Why didn't my credit card work when I tried to make a purchase through websiteworks.com?
If you received an error message after entering your credit card information, your order is not complete and you will not have been charged.

Usually the error message will indicate if you have entered information incorrectly, however always double check that all of your credit card information is correct and no fields are left empty or incomplete.

Make sure that the credit card verification value is correct. The card verification value is the three digit code printed on the back of your credit card immediately after your credit card number.

If you continue to have errors, please contact your credit card provider as they will have the most information as to why your credit card is not processing.

If you have ever done a chargeback, where you disputed a charge on your credit card with your credit card company and had the charge reversed, but did not get a new credit card number issued, please be aware that if the disputed charge came from the same payment processor as we use, then we will not be able to process a charge on your credit card. The payment processor will now consider this card number invalid and possibly stolen. Please try using another credit card or contacting the organization directly for other payment options.
How secure is the personal payment information I enter when purchasing through the site?
websiteworks.com is scanned on a quarterly basis by Securitymetrics.com to verify that we meet the requirements of the PCI Data Security Standard. This is a credit card industry standard for security ensuring that companies meet strict standards for server security and for handling of credit card information. We encrypt all credit card information using Verisign Security certificates, as can be verified by clicking on the lock on the browser (In Internet Explorer, this is at the top of the browser, next to to the address bar) showing our secure certificate information from Verisign.

We've also been verified by TrustE, a privacy standards organization that ensures that companies follow best practices for ensuring the privacy of our users. As verified by TrustE, we do everything possible to ensure the privacy of client information and we do not give our client information to third-parties unless a client actually tells us to do so. Please see our privacy policy here.

Selling and Donations

Can I use PayPal instead of your on donation service?
Yes. We offer on site Visa and Mastercard transactions for your convenience and for those that are uncomfortable with Paypal however if you prefer to use PayPal, that is still an option. You can create links or buttons using your PayPal account and place these links on your site with us. You can add the links to any page using the Text/Image feature and add buttons using the Source feature to enter code.

For detailed instructions, including screenshots, on adding links, click here. For adding button codes, click here.
Why should I use your Donation services instead of PayPal?
PayPal requires you to add code to your site. It also requires people to leave your site to go to paypal.com. It's a generic system for payments. Our payment system is specifically designed for donations. It requires no technical knowledge or code. We integrate payment services directly into our website building tools for your ease of use. All you have to do to accept payments on your site is fill a few brief forms.

People who donate can choose to have their names and comments show up on your site. These donations show up on a thermometer showing total donations and how close you are to reaching your goal. This helps generate momentum for your donation drive.

The most important aspect of what we offer is our customer support. If you have any questions whatsoever about payment system, we will be happy to answer you and walk you through the process of setting up tickets, donations or any of our other payment features.
Why doesn't the thermometer on my donations page work?
In order for the thermometer to be displayed on the website, you must set a goal and select to show the goal on your site. To set up the goal, go through your Control Panel on the My Content tab, select the Donation page, and click "Donation Settings" under the Edit Features section. In the box next to Goal, enter the dollar amount you are trying to reach, check the box below next to "Show goal on website" and click on Submit at the bottom of the page. The thermometer should then appear.
How do I get the money from my donations?
When you use the transaction features through websiteworks.com, we hold the funds for you until you request a payout. You can request payouts as often or as little as you want. You can also set payouts to be done automatically when specific dollar goals are reached.

In your Control Panel on the My Content tab, click on the "Payout Settings" button under the Edit Features. You can select whether you wish to be paid out by check, direct deposit, or wire transfer. Once you have selected how you wish to be paid, you can then enter the details of where the payment will go. Be sure to hit "Save Settings" immediately underneath this section to update the site. The option to set whether or not you wish to have automatic payouts and at how many dollars you wish the payouts to be done is listed underneath the payout information. Please note this has a separate "Save Settings" button.

Once you have setup how you would like your payment, you will then see a "Pay Me Now" button. When you click this, any current funds you have will be issued according to the settings you completed above.
Why do you charge per transaction on your site?
We have integrated Visa and Mastercard payment features directly into the site features for your convenience. We are required to pay per transaction for the payment processing, so we are able to offer this service. As the amount we collect for our hosting and web building services does not reflect the actual number of transactions that you may process on the site, we must charge you a separate per transaction fee to cover the cost of this particular service as it is used.
What are the fees for donations?
Each donation is charged a fee of $0.75 and 5.90%. These fees are also removed from the total donation and you receive the remaining amount.

There is an additional fee of $3.50 per check or direct deposit payout or $30 per wire transfer when you wish to receive your funds, however you can choose to be paid out as many or as few times as you like.

Some of our older sites have different fees for transactions, however you may contact us if you prefer to use the current fee system.
What information do I need to know about taxes?
websiteworks.com is not responsible for notifying the government of funds raised through your website with us, and it is your responsibility to determine how to properly file your taxes to account for money raised through the sites. We do charge taxes on the price of domains and website hosting for residents of Canada and specific taxes for Quebec as required by law. For any tax information, we suggest contacting your local tax office for details.

Visitors to your site that make donations can claim the donation as a tax write-off by collecting a receipt (issued by our site as a transaction confirmation) the name of the person or organization the donation is going to, and in Canada specifically, the organization’s tax ID number. This assumes that your organization has official charitable status.


How does the affiliate program work and how do I start an affiliate account?
You can earn cash by letting others know about our services and getting them to purchase sites. You will get 40% of subscription fees for any new sites purchased for as long as they are a customer. That means monthly accounts and those that renew the site they originally set up through you, will continue to raise you money. You must have an affiliate account and purchasers must go through your affiliate link when they first purchase a site in order for you to receive credit.

You can create an affiliate account with no approval and at no cost by filling in our form here.

Once you create an affiliate account, you will have access to affiliate links, banners, and email and poster information so you can direct people both online and offline to our services under your affiliate account. It is important to use the links included in these materials, as this is the only way for new accounts to be tied to your affiliate account.


Why am I not receiving my test broadcast emails or other people are not receiving my broadcast emails?
If you are sending a test email to the same email address as the one you enter as the "From" email address on the site when setting up the email, many email programs will not accept the email. It may put the email in your spam folder, or it may simply not deliver it.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of sending out mass emails through any program, especially ones that contain links to websites or attachments, many security and email programs will capture the emails as spam. Some programs will allow this email to go to the spam or junk email folder, while others will stop the email at the server level, meaning the recipient will never see the email or know it is blocked.

Due to the variety of email and security programs, there is no way to guarantee an email will reach someone. The best way to ensure receipt is to send emails directly from your email address and ensure the person you are sending it to has you listed as an unblocked contact.
Can I send an email to everybody who has purchased a ticket?
No. You cannot collect emails automatically through the ticket sales area to send out emails to everyone; however you can use the Transaction Report to download an Excel spreadsheet so you have a list of email addresses, which you can then input into your Master Guest List manually.

Subscription questions

Can I switch to yearly billing from monthly?
Yes. If you are purchasing a yearly package after having subscribed to a monthly option or yearly option, the monthly charges will automatically stop and your yearly package will begin at the end of the current paid time.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my account?
Yes. You can upgrade at any time by logging into your Control Panel, clicking the Order tab and then clicking an Upgrade button option. Please contact us if you wish to downgrade your subscription.
How do I cancel my website?
You can cancel your website by logging into your Control Panel, clicking on the My Account tab and then clicking on Billing on the blue bar underneath. On the following page you will see a button "Click here to cancel your subscription". Once you confirm, you will received a cancellation confirmation number.

You can also cancel your website by contacting us at 1-877-769-3836 or sending an email to info@websiteworks.com and we will take care of it for you. Please be aware that we will require the user name and password to cancel your subscription.
How do I renew my website?
You can renew your website by logging into your Control Panel, clicking on the Order tab and then picking a package and completing your purchase. If you are purchasing a yearly package after having subscribed to a monthly option or yearly option, the monthly charges will automatically stop and your yearly package will begin at the end of the current paid time.
How can I change my credit card information for monthly billing?
You can change your credit card info by going through your Control Panel, clicking the My Account tab and then Billing on the blue bar underneath. On this page, scroll down to credit card information and fill in the "New card number" field and the new expiry date.
What are the prices?
If you have started the free trial, you can view pricing by going through your Control Panel to the Order tab. If you have not yet started a free trial, you can see the prices for our packages by going to the pricing page here.

Domain questions

Can I use a domain name I purchased elsewhere with your site?
Yes. You can use any domain name you own with your site. You can point your domain to your site by contacting your domain registrar and giving them our 4 name servers (directly on their site or by phone) which are:


Once you have confirmed the name servers for your domain are pointing to us, you would need to contact us by phone at 1-877-769-3836 or email at info@websiteworks.com to tell us your new domain name and provide your current site. We would then complete the process from our end.
Can I correct a spelling error or change my domain name that I have with you?
If you have a free domain with us that ends with .websiteworks.com, we can change it for you to another address that ends with .websiteworks.com, as long as the new domain is available.

If you purchased a domain name with us that does not end with .websiteworks.com, we can change it for you free in the first 5 days after its creation. We cannot cancel a domain after this point so you will need to purchase a new one by phone at 1-877-769-3836.

Please contact us with both the old and new domain that you are requesting, so we can complete this for you. If you need to pay fees, please have a Visa or Mastercard available for payment.
Do I need to have the .websiteworks.com in my website address?
The .myevent.com is a temporary domain name supplied by us free of charge. If you would prefer to have your own personalized domain name, call us at 1-877-769-3836 or send an email to info@websiteworks.com.