Affiliates FAQ

How much commission do I receive on sales that I refer to MyEvent?
You will receive 40% on each sale originating from your site.
How often do I get paid?
You get paid once every 3 months.
Are there any minimum requirements to get paid?
The minimum payment is $40.00.
How can I track our progress as an affiliate ?
When you sign up you will receive a user name and password. You will be able to login to the "Affiliate Center" 24 hours a day and you can view the number of clicks you have referred, the number of your referrals which have signed up for a free trial, how many sales you have been credited with, and the amount owing to you.
How does the tracking system work?
We provide you with "cut and paste" code for you to a place banner or text link on your site quickly and easily. When someone clicks on your link to, your domain name is stored in a cookie which is placed on the users computer. When the user signs up for a free trial, and when the user eventually purchases, your domain is retrieved from the user's cookie, and you are credited with the sale.
How long is the cookie life?
The life of the cookie is 12 months. Therefore once a user is referred, you will receive credit for that user's purchase for up to 12 months following the initial referral.
Do you provide resources for me to promote
Yes we do. Banners, articles and text links are all available through the Affiliate center.

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"It's been a very simple relationship to set up and manage, our customers love your product and the commissions you pay are excellent."
Michael Cottam, President
"I've discovered that there is a niche, which isn't presently served, for people who either don't know how, don't want to know how, or don't have the time to learn how to build their own sites."
Beth Niebuhr
"The affiliation of Reunions magazine and provides our readers and website visitors with a service that is increasingly essential in reunion planning. For Reunions magazine, is a good partnership."
Edith Wagner

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