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Step 1

Once guests have RSVP"d or purchased tickets to your event, their name will automatically appear on the Who"s Coming page. Use your Who"s Coming Setup page to control which names are displayed on your website. Select RSVP"d and/or Purchased Tickets to list the names of guests who have RSVP"d and/or Purchased tickets on your page. step1

Step 2

Add guest names manually to the Who"s coming page. Please note the Who"s Coming page does not automatically update the RSVP page, so if you enter guests manually on the Who"s Coming page, make sure to update the RSVP guest list as well. step2


Choose to display details of guests (whether or not they have RSVP"d) on your Who"s Coming page. If you choose not to display their details, only their name will appear on the page. step3


The list of all your guests on the Who?s coming page is displayed at the bottom of the Set up page. Hide guest names if you do not want to display a particular guest"s name on your Who"s Coming page. Click "Show" to display the name. step4

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