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Uploading Files To Your Web Folder

Upload files (such as doc, pdf, jpg, gif, bmp, ppt, xls, mp3, rm, avi, mpg) to your web folder that you can link to from any page on your website!

* Bronze subscribers can upload 200 MB
* Silver subscribers can upload 500 MB
* Gold subscribers can upload 1 GB

  1. Write a word or phrase in the text box that will link to the item that you will upload to your web folder. Highlight the link that you have created.
  2. Click on the Folder icon in the menu.
  3. webfolder_
  4. When you click the folder icon in the menu you will see where to click on "Browse Server" to begin.
  5. webfolderBrowse
  6. Click the "Browse" button to find items on your computer that you want to upload to your web folder.
  7. webfolderFind
  8. Highlight the item you want to upload from your computer and click on OPEN.
  9. webfolderOpen
  10. Click on the "Upload" button.
  11. webfolderUpload
  12. Click on the item that you uploaded to your folder.
  13. webfolderItem
  14. Click on OK.
  15. webfolderOK
  16. Click on Submit in the control panel to save the changes.

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